Skids and Tea @ Meppen 2024

Let me start with what an amazing day it was, never have I had the privilege to host a drift event before.
The people that came and the cars that they brought were impeccable and the vibe was great overall!

Photo by Beeldend Floor

Organizing such an event is a first for me and it was quite scary to be honest, but I’m glad I went through with it because it was totally worth it.

Photo by Beeldend Floor

The sheer amount of classic toyota’s, which were tastefully modded as well. Not your average line-up of drift cars i’d say.

Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Collin Tiemens

Here you see Sem, of Cringe Wheels on instagram. He was low on power and low on spring-rate, but still managed to throw it around a couple of times.

Photo by Collin Tiemens

Of course Manly man Mick was at the event as well, showing how its done as always, driving his 2JZ NA powered RX30 Cressida. Never gets old seeing/hearing that car go sideways.

Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens

Mike “Mokehaus” Dylan Pieffers in his in my opinion perfectly styled AE86. Big lip 14’s with good fitment and no wacky bodykit slapped on it.

Photo by Beeldend Floor

Unfortunately breaking cars is a fact when you are drifting. Mick broke his crankshaft damper, luckily a shop nearby was able to weld it together so he could at least get home.

Photo by Beeldend Floor

Kuhn had his fair share of damage as well, his headgasket went so on to the trailer the car went. Doesn’t mean that Koen didn’t have a lot of seat time that day.

Photo by Collin Tiemens

There he goes, Koen’s turbo m10 equiped e21 being chased by Jeroen in his e36 328i.

Photo by Collin Tiemens

Quite a variety of cars, Mick his s13 driven by Dirk-Jan that day and Gijs in his Z.

Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens

Mick’s s13 following mick in his Cressida. Getting tandems with two of your own…

Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor

Good vibes all day.

Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor

Who’s been following my personal mx-5 build probably knows about it being built by Hummelink Modifications. They were also at the event with a stand selling their own made ITB kit. Impressive piece of kit, every NA miata build should be equiped with that.

Photo by Allard van Grafhorst
Photo by Allard van Grafhorst
Photo by Beeldend Floor

Overall it was an amazing event and I can’t wait for the next one! So stay tuned for that. Thanks again to everyone coming over.

Special thanks to Driving-Fun for helping me with the organisation of this event, Valentijn Thoden van Velzen for filming the after movie, Collin Tiemens for the cool photo’s, Beeldend Floor for the great pictures as well and to Quinten Poortvliet for the loud and clear briefing.

Here’s some more pictures:

Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Beeldend Floor
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens
Photo by Collin Tiemens

The all motor 206HP Mx-5

When I purchased this Mx-5 I made a pact with myself to never sell this one. The reason behind this is because I keep returning to mx-5’s, I’ve tried many cars but the way the mx-5/miata drives just makes me smile everytime. The one I own now is the 10th mx-5/miata I’ve owned. I have a tendency to sell my cars after I’m done building them, but I promised myself this time would be different. (Let’s hope it’s actually true this time)

!The speclist of the entire build is at the end of this post!

Because I’ll “probably” never sell this car I’ve decided to make it the build I’ve always wanted. A black and tan miata with an agressive NA motor which is still capable of city and backroad driving without too much of a hassle.

Together with Nils Hummelink A.k.a. Hummelink Modifications we came up with a plan to achieve the result of the engine side of things. I decided to stay true to the mazda form and went for a 1.8 VVT engine as the basis. It’s of course less practical/logical than let’s say swapping a K-series, since they have more bang for buck. But having a mazda heart in the mx-5 is what I personally preferred to have as it suits the classic roadster vibe that I want to achieve with this car.

It started out as a damaged 1.8 VVT engine from a friend of mine which also ran itbs in the past. But since we wanted to increase the displacement of the engine it didn’t matter that the cylinder walls were scored.

Nils really did an amazing job restoring/building the engine.

He created a custom thermostat neck plate which has the skids and tea logo and his(Hummelink-modifications) logo engraved in it. These minor details matter and shows Nils’s skillsmanship the attention to detail he has.

The car made 206 crank horsepower on a (heartbreaker) dyno. The engine revs up to 8500 but as you can see in the dynosheet below the power kind of stops rising around 7800 RPM.

The car feels very good the way that it’s built, I’ve always been afraid of ITB builds being very unpractical, but Nils has proven me otherwise. The rather “extreme” built that is done has not affected the drivability in such a way that I would hesitate to take it out for a little backroad drive.\

It really is a treat to drive. It’s so much fun to rev it all the way up there, to shift into higher gear and that you get to enjoy the ITB’s screaming from bottom to top all over again. And does it feel fast? Yes!

I’ve owned two mx-5’s which were turbo charged and yes they feel fast as well. But having the engine scream/raging, that violence does not compare to the more surgical turbo experience.

As for now the car is nearing completion apart from some small interior and exterior details which are to be added in the near future. The main things that needs to happen still are to add a Torsen differential (which I’ve already sourced from a friend) and to restore the subframes/rubbers. Of course there will be a lot more that I want to do to the car in the future but I firmly believe a car project never ends.

I want to thank Nils Hummelink again for doing such a good job on building this engine.

Complete restoration
New sensors
New gaskets
Every part cleaned and possibly re-painted
New starter
New alternator

11:1 compression ratio
1.8 vvt block bored out to 1.93
K1 rods
Supertech 85mm forged pistons
Acl bearings
Arp studs
Boundary oilpump
ATI superdamper

Supertech 85mm headgasket
Supertech springs
Supertech shim under bucket kit
titanium retainers
Catcams 278 angle, 10mm lift
Flowforce injectors 380cc
3-angle valvejob / flowed and shaved
AN-10 breather upgrade

Bolt-on stuff
Itb adapter kit Hummelink-Modifications – 4age itbs with Pipercross PX-600 airfilter
3.4kg flywheel and competition clutch
Hummelink-modifications coolant-reroute
Hummelink-modifications coolant hose kit and vacumblock
IL hardened motormounts
Bofi Racing Oil-cooler kit

Stock 1.8 calipers
Ebc grooved and dimpled brake discs all round
Stoptech Sport brake pads all round

Bc-Racing Coilovers
Work equip 01 14×8 et7 with 5mm spacers all round
Nankang ns2-r 185/60/r14 all round

M2 mirrors (originals from japan)
R-package front lip

Other stuff
Me221 ecu
AEM wideband
New stainless exhaust header
Racing catalytic converter 200 cells euro 5

Skids and Tea Hangs July 2021

Since its legal to host events again I figured it was time for another hangs with the boys.

Here are some snapshots of this legendary evening.

Sem’s awesome japan styled E36 looking tight on those closed front wheels. A little bit of skid damage but that gives it a bit of character.
Sidney’s immaculate PS13, I really couldn’t see how it could be any better.
Cherokee, the B(S)uckle up boy with the sexy A35 charmant rolling into the meet
Finally had the chance to put my GX81 and Miata together, golden wheel combo. Also the p7 with the recently refinished A3A’s is looking tight
Awesome combo mk3’s on a miata
“Uncle Leo” Leon his awesome Laurel with the tight front fitment facing Kuhns his skiddy E21
Uncle leo his awesome Laurel on mesh and mk2’s
Cherokee’s A60 looking so good rn
Jay just recently received his C33 from japan and first thing he did was lower it and put it on wheels he got for it. Champs and mesh combo <3
Jeroen’s E36 always looking good on those “smoll” meshies

Thanks everyone for coming you were great!~

See you next time <3

Buckle up, there are new bois on the block

Last week I went to the other side of the country (which isn’t that far if you know how small the country is) to take some pictures and shoot a video of these rather stylish cars owned by rather stylish kids.

Buckle up they call theirselves so I think you get the jist of what they like to do in their spare time.

As far as I know there are 4 cars which of one is currently under construction as you can see in the video below. The KE70.

The Daihatsu Charmant is still one of my favorite models of the brand.I fell in love with them ever since I bought one half a decade ago. Unfortunatly this one was very rusty and I ended up selling it to a friend of mine who had bought for skids until it was beyond saving. A real shame if you ask me. The car is now owned by another friend of mine who currently has stripped the whole car to save it.

This Charmant is the Altair one, Altair being the luxury model which also gave this car the two tone look.

It’s not the fastest car around but I do believe it has a lot of potential. You can easily swap a 4AGE engine in there since it’s a toyota based platform and shares a lot of parts with the AE86.

The blue miata that Leon owns is one of the best looking ones out here in the Netherlands the bodykit combined with the 14″ split wheels really make it stand out from the others around.

It has equip 01 on the front and Gallop racings on the rear. It also has a type-x spoiler on the trunk which fits nicely with the bodykit.

As you can see there is a pattern, they like small wheels and I can’t blame them. They look great and fit the cars really well. The silver mx-5 has 13″ wheels, SSR mk1’s on the rear and Advan a3a’s on the front.

Unfortunatly it started to rain heavily that day and we had to cut it short, but as you can see in the video it did result in a small drifting session.

I feel like these guys are a great addition to a increasingly better car scene here. Keep it up!

FullJPN’s pride, period correct PS13

I’ve been keeping an eye out for this car ever since the owner (Sidney, @goodvibesnicedrives – @fulljpn on instagram) imported his Ps13 from Japan. This man knows how to style a car the proper way. So of course when this car was nearing completion I poked him and asked him if he was up for a video/photo shoot.

The car currently sits on Longhcamps in the front and SSR MK3 in the rear with HSD being the brand of coilovers. The wheels are period correct and look great on this car.

The engine is a SR20DE which suits the old school style. It’s not the fastest thing in the world but boy does it sound like a happy and fun one.

PS: During this shoot we were sent away so many times, they even made a note of the plate number, “6 9 1 Right?” Right.

The front bumper(TBO) together with the chuki skirts really makes this ps13 stand out from others I’ve seen. And I know that Sidney is going to add a Bwave wing to the car but I actually really like the current spoiler.

Sidney is quite familiar at this location so he had a lot of great spots planned out, which turned out to be great ones.

Anyways I want to thank Sidney for being out there with me for this shoot and I want to thank Shiva for helping out as a support driver for the rolling shots.

Check out Sidney’s Instagram accounts:

And most importantly: Live Freely!

My own GX81

About 5 years ago a good friend of mine imported this GX81 which I then found to be an interesting car, but nothing really I wanted to own at that time since I owned an S13 back in the day. After a while he sold it off to another friend of mine who has owned it untill I’ve bought it back in march this year.

The car was still completly stock when I bought it from him and had about 43k km’s on it back then. And I remember when it first came to the netherlands from japan, the seats were still covered in wrapping plastic. The interior was and still is mint.

The GX81 comes with a lumpy old and slow but great sounding 1GFE engine which is not ideal for drifting or anything but as a cruiser it will suffice.

After buying the car I went hunting for wheels, I bought 2 SSR formula reverse mesh 15″ and 2 volks mesh 2 piece wheels. The SSRS weren’t wide enough for my taste so I decided to buy new lips at PINE engineering and get them relipped at a company called WIELFIX.
They did a great job splitting the SSR’s and putting the new lips back on there. (the centrecaps are from barrelbros)

Of course I’ve also decided to buy coilovers for the car which are BC-racing extra low coilovers. But being so low I got stuck quite a lot of times on speedbumps in my local area, which annoyed me enough to buy Stanceparts aircups. The rear cups didn’t fit well making the car way too high for my taste. I ended up buying shorter springs to get the job done. I now have 140mm 10k springs on the front and 135mm 8k springs in the rear.

Interiorwise I’ve decided to keep it rather simple so far, I’ve only added a momo indy steering wheel which I aquired from Special style factory with a sev marchal horn button that I’ve bought from my buddy Mick.

Future plans for this car are a manual swap, custom exhaust from front to back and probably some small exterior adjustments but not sure yet on which I will settle for.

Bart’s PS13

On one ordinary day I was driving on the highway in my Miata which I had at the time and someone drove past me signing and waving with his phone which was showing a picture on instagram of the car that I was driving. That’s the story about how I came to know Bart.

I’ve known Bart for quite a while now and took some pics and shot a video of his PS13 some time ago. But since I am absolutely in love with this car I don’t mind revisiting this car with a blog post.

Bart’s PS13 is one of the cleanest PS13’s I’ve ever seen. Although I’m typically not a fan of big wheels on a stock body this car does look good the way it’s stanced.

Funny thing is that this car has the engine of my old S13, a SR20DET from a Type-x RPS13. It’s stock and Bart made it look extremely clean.

The car is sitting on SSR Professor SP1’s. Front: 17×9 et3 215/40 Hankook Ventus Evo Rear: 17×9.5 et5 235/40 Hankook Ventus Evo with BC racing coilovers. It has S14 front arms and S14 hubs to make it 5×114.3 lug pattern.

The brick headlights look so good to me, it’s the only headlight that works on that car. The fact that the car is completely stock body and the perfect color combination makes it one of the best looking PS13’s.

Video down below:

Levi’s E36

Levi’s Japanese inspired E36

Levi and I have known each other for a little while now and I’ve been wanting to make a short video of his car since forever. Although because of limited time from both sides it just didn’t happen.

We’ve found a spot in our schedules and finally made the video happen. This spot happened to be yesterday.

Levi’s E36 is inspired by Japanese culture and it’s running Musk overfenders with SSR professor wheels. This gives the car an awesome hotboy look which is very popular nowadays.

While shooting this video I realized how comfortable the car still was which was unlike what I thought It would be like.
It’s running Camaro shocks on the rear with 18k springs, crazy stiff you would think, but it’s actually not that bad. The car feels like any other E36 I’ve been in so far.


After the first skid Levi did, he told me that he just did his first transition in drifting. I wouldn’t have asked him to do such a thing if I knew he wasn’t experienced with doing it, but luckily it ended up being awesome footage. After some repeats for some more footage Levi nearly crashed close to a ditch and traffic sign. We laughed about the broken bumpermounts when hitten the grass and went home.

This car to me is what an E36 should look like sliding, Low, Stanced and Japanese inspired.

Thanks Levi for your time!