Buckle up, there are new bois on the block

Last week I went to the other side of the country (which isn’t that far if you know how small the country is) to take some pictures and shoot a video of these rather stylish cars owned by rather stylish kids.

Buckle up they call theirselves so I think you get the jist of what they like to do in their spare time.

As far as I know there are 4 cars which of one is currently under construction as you can see in the video below. The KE70.

The Daihatsu Charmant is still one of my favorite models of the brand.I fell in love with them ever since I bought one half a decade ago. Unfortunatly this one was very rusty and I ended up selling it to a friend of mine who had bought for skids until it was beyond saving. A real shame if you ask me. The car is now owned by another friend of mine who currently has stripped the whole car to save it.

This Charmant is the Altair one, Altair being the luxury model which also gave this car the two tone look.

It’s not the fastest car around but I do believe it has a lot of potential. You can easily swap a 4AGE engine in there since it’s a toyota based platform and shares a lot of parts with the AE86.

The blue miata that Leon owns is one of the best looking ones out here in the Netherlands the bodykit combined with the 14″ split wheels really make it stand out from the others around.

It has equip 01 on the front and Gallop racings on the rear. It also has a type-x spoiler on the trunk which fits nicely with the bodykit.

As you can see there is a pattern, they like small wheels and I can’t blame them. They look great and fit the cars really well. The silver mx-5 has 13″ wheels, SSR mk1’s on the rear and Advan a3a’s on the front.

Unfortunatly it started to rain heavily that day and we had to cut it short, but as you can see in the video it did result in a small drifting session.

I feel like these guys are a great addition to a increasingly better car scene here. Keep it up!

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