FullJPN’s pride, period correct PS13

I’ve been keeping an eye out for this car ever since the owner (Sidney, @goodvibesnicedrives – @fulljpn on instagram) imported his Ps13 from Japan. This man knows how to style a car the proper way. So of course when this car was nearing completion I poked him and asked him if he was up for a video/photo shoot.

The car currently sits on Longhcamps in the front and SSR MK3 in the rear with HSD being the brand of coilovers. The wheels are period correct and look great on this car.

The engine is a SR20DE which suits the old school style. It’s not the fastest thing in the world but boy does it sound like a happy and fun one.

PS: During this shoot we were sent away so many times, they even made a note of the plate number, “6 9 1 Right?” Right.

The front bumper(TBO) together with the chuki skirts really makes this ps13 stand out from others I’ve seen. And I know that Sidney is going to add a Bwave wing to the car but I actually really like the current spoiler.

Sidney is quite familiar at this location so he had a lot of great spots planned out, which turned out to be great ones.

Anyways I want to thank Sidney for being out there with me for this shoot and I want to thank Shiva for helping out as a support driver for the rolling shots.

Check out Sidney’s Instagram accounts:

And most importantly: Live Freely!