Levi’s E36

Levi’s Japanese inspired E36

Levi and I have known each other for a little while now and I’ve been wanting to make a short video of his car since forever. Although because of limited time from both sides it just didn’t happen.

We’ve found a spot in our schedules and finally made the video happen. This spot happened to be yesterday.

Levi’s E36 is inspired by Japanese culture and it’s running Musk overfenders with SSR professor wheels. This gives the car an awesome hotboy look which is very popular nowadays.

While shooting this video I realized how comfortable the car still was which was unlike what I thought It would be like.
It’s running Camaro shocks on the rear with 18k springs, crazy stiff you would think, but it’s actually not that bad. The car feels like any other E36 I’ve been in so far.


After the first skid Levi did, he told me that he just did his first transition in drifting. I wouldn’t have asked him to do such a thing if I knew he wasn’t experienced with doing it, but luckily it ended up being awesome footage. After some repeats for some more footage Levi nearly crashed close to a ditch and traffic sign. We laughed about the broken bumpermounts when hitten the grass and went home.

This car to me is what an E36 should look like sliding, Low, Stanced and Japanese inspired.

Thanks Levi for your time!