My own GX81

About 5 years ago a good friend of mine imported this GX81 which I then found to be an interesting car, but nothing really I wanted to own at that time since I owned an S13 back in the day. After a while he sold it off to another friend of mine who has owned it untill I’ve bought it back in march this year.

The car was still completly stock when I bought it from him and had about 43k km’s on it back then. And I remember when it first came to the netherlands from japan, the seats were still covered in wrapping plastic. The interior was and still is mint.

The GX81 comes with a lumpy old and slow but great sounding 1GFE engine which is not ideal for drifting or anything but as a cruiser it will suffice.

After buying the car I went hunting for wheels, I bought 2 SSR formula reverse mesh 15″ and 2 volks mesh 2 piece wheels. The SSRS weren’t wide enough for my taste so I decided to buy new lips at PINE engineering and get them relipped at a company called WIELFIX.
They did a great job splitting the SSR’s and putting the new lips back on there. (the centrecaps are from barrelbros)

Of course I’ve also decided to buy coilovers for the car which are BC-racing extra low coilovers. But being so low I got stuck quite a lot of times on speedbumps in my local area, which annoyed me enough to buy Stanceparts aircups. The rear cups didn’t fit well making the car way too high for my taste. I ended up buying shorter springs to get the job done. I now have 140mm 10k springs on the front and 135mm 8k springs in the rear.

Interiorwise I’ve decided to keep it rather simple so far, I’ve only added a momo indy steering wheel which I aquired from Special style factory with a sev marchal horn button that I’ve bought from my buddy Mick.

Future plans for this car are a manual swap, custom exhaust from front to back and probably some small exterior adjustments but not sure yet on which I will settle for.

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