Skids and Tea @ Meppen 2024

Let me start with what an amazing day it was, never have I had the privilege to host a drift event before.The people that came and the cars that they brought were impeccable and the vibe was great overall! Organizing such an event is a first for me and it was quite scary to be […]

The all motor 206HP Mx-5

When I purchased this Mx-5 I made a pact with myself to never sell this one. The reason behind this is because I keep returning to mx-5’s, I’ve tried many cars but the way the mx-5/miata drives just makes me smile everytime. The one I own now is the 10th mx-5/miata I’ve owned. I have […]

Skids and Tea Hangs July 2021

Since its legal to host events again I figured it was time for another hangs with the boys. Here are some snapshots of this legendary evening. Thanks everyone for coming you were great!~ See you next time <3

Buckle up, there are new bois on the block

Last week I went to the other side of the country (which isn’t that far if you know how small the country is) to take some pictures and shoot a video of these rather stylish cars owned by rather stylish kids. Buckle up they call theirselves so I think you get the jist of what […]

FullJPN’s pride, period correct PS13

I’ve been keeping an eye out for this car ever since the owner (Sidney, @goodvibesnicedrives – @fulljpn on instagram) imported his Ps13 from Japan. This man knows how to style a car the proper way. So of course when this car was nearing completion I poked him and asked him if he was up for […]

My own GX81

About 5 years ago a good friend of mine imported this GX81 which I then found to be an interesting car, but nothing really I wanted to own at that time since I owned an S13 back in the day. After a while he sold it off to another friend of mine who has owned […]

Bart’s PS13

On one ordinary day I was driving on the highway in my Miata which I had at the time and someone drove past me signing and waving with his phone which was showing a picture on instagram of the car that I was driving. That’s the story about how I came to know Bart. I’ve […]

Levi’s E36

Levi’s Japanese inspired E36 Levi and I have known each other for a little while now and I’ve been wanting to make a short video of his car since forever. Although because of limited time from both sides it just didn’t happen. We’ve found a spot in our schedules and finally made the video happen. […]